You are beautiful. Please don't hurt yourself :(

Thanks anon, ill try. Just been really down lately and i just gotta vent on here once in a while ya know

Im just pretty worthless other than giving useless science facts and making others look good in comparison

So like today i bought a bunch of cute vintage jewelry for prom and stuff and like i tired on my dress early to see how it all looks and like, the stuff looks good but im just so fat i look like some weird fat boy child. Im just completely disgusted with myself and i have to be around all my beautiful friends and here i am. Just gross and fat


20-year-old Momoko on Cat Street in Harajuku with lots of piercings (ear spike, stretched ear, labret, eyebrow, tongue, navel), Glad News top, HellcatPunks skirt & Jeremy Scott winged sneakers with tall platforms. She’s also wearing a Devilish leather arm cuff! Full Look

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Intricate Bird Illustrations Drawn Inside Medicine Boxes by Sara Landeta

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Ms. Fortune [Skullgirls] Cosplay By the-mirror-melts

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tattoos by amanda wachob (x)

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babbu dragon


babbu dragon